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Intellectual Property Lawyers

Weinstein Bosteder is a national firm with seasoned Intellectual Property Lawyers that are experienced with assisting, counseling and representing clients who are seeking protection for ideas and innovations through patent applications, trademark applications, copyrights and licensing agreements. Our firm represents distributors, manufacturers, service providers and technology based companies through arbitration, mediation, trial and appeal. We also advise our clients on a number of issues, including trademarks, non-compete agreements, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, computer law and more.

Trademarks & Servicemarks

The public identifies your business, product and/or service through its branding, design, logo, slogan, wording and images. Properly registering and protecting your trademark or servicemark is vital to preserving your businesses image and reputation for quality. Weinstein Bosteder has years of experience providing trademark counseling, trademark registration and trademark protection services to businesses in a vast array of industries. Types of services that we provide include, but are not limited too:

Application drafting


Our firm regularly helps authors, musicians, artists, and photographers with preventing the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of their works. Copyright issues have always existed, but they have developed a special complexity in regards to the online world. Our firm understands the links between technology and copyright law and we can assist in the protection of online media, advising businesses on how to avoid liability and the removal of digital content that violates the copyright owner's rights. general practice attorney Dallas