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Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Weinstein Bosteder one of our primary practice areas is criminal defense.  Our firm practices criminal defense because we believe deeply in upholding the rights of individuals as they interact with the power of the government.

We will be there for you when you need an experienced attorney dedicated to fighting for your rights.  Our experience includes work as a prosecutor at both a City Attorney’s Office and a District Attorney’s office.  This gives us the ability to thoroughly understand how to provide you with the best defense.

We can represent you in a broad range of criminal misdemeanor and felony matters including:

Drug Offenses
Juvenile Offenses
Domestic Violence
Sex Offenses
Federal Offenses
Bail and Bond Proceedings
Probation Revocation
Expunction as well as Litigation and Appeals.

We can explain the difference between state and federal crimes and inform you about your rights concerning Miranda warnings.  We can also detail the potential consequences you may face if you are convicted of a criminal act as well as details regarding probation and parole.

Our criminal defense attorneys serve clients throughout the DFW area including Collin, Denton, Dallas, and Tarrant County. general practice attorney