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Business Law, Corporations & Partnerships

Business Law addresses the creation of new businesses and the ongoing legal needs of an existing business, whether that business is owned by a single owner, multiple partners, thousands of shareholders, or some combination, and applies to all the various business entities:

Sole Proprietorships
Partnerships, whether General or Limited
Corporations, whether General or Professional
Limited Liability Companies

If you are considering opening a new business, regardless of the entity, you are likely facing issues in employment law, federal tax law, state tax law, real estate and/or landlord/tenant law, and any number of other areas. Weinstein Bosteder, P.C. can help you navigate these Business Planning and Business Creation issues and develop a plan for the success of your new business venture.

If you currently own or control a business, you already have a sense for the range of issues that must be addressed each and every day of your Business Operations. Whether your business is just getting started, or is an established business with a track record of success, consider whether any of these questions may apply to your current situation:

Are my internal business documents in place and current? Although not a complete list, here are some examples for you to consider:

Tax filings: State and federal
Operating agreements/shareholder agreements
Buy-Sell Arrangements
Employee handbooks
Policies and procedures
Licenses and permits
Documentation of regulatory compliance
Human Resources Documentation

Is my business subject to risk? Consider these questions:

Could a customer slip and fall at my place of business?
Does my business handle toxic chemicals?
Does my business make professional recommendations?
What is the exposure from regulatory non-compliance?
What other actions or failures to act can expose my business to claims?

What do I do if someone sues?

What is the business’s exposure?
What’s my personal exposure?
Which path is better: litigation or settlement?

What’s the best way for my business to grow; to take that next step?
Should my business plan be integrated with my estate plan?
Do I know what will happen to my business and my family if I am suddenly no longer able to run my business?

Weinstein Bosteder, P.C. is a Texas law firm available for broad business engagements or focused, single-issue engagements to support you in your drive to succeed. general practice attorney Dallas


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